IAEA Report: Iran’s Uranium Stockpile On the Rise

IAEA continues to fault limitations to monitoring

The IAEA has offered its latest report on Iran. Unsurprisingly, since Iran continued enrichment and didn’t use any of the uranium, the stockpile grew.

The public is expected to be shocked by the bigger stockpile but seeing heavy enriched uranium go from 10 kg to 17.7 kg in three months is hardly unexpected, nor a sign of anything changing.

If anything, the figures reflect things not changing. When the JCPOA deal was working, Iran was sending its excess uranium abroad to be converted into fuel, and had guaranteed access to international markets. With no such access now, everything is just continuing, pending a deal.

Talks were expected to lead to a deal by now, but since the Iran elections neither side has made the moves to get talks restarted, and seem to be treading water.

With nothing really happening, all the IAEA can do is keep updating the stockpiles and complain that the monitoring deal isn’t better, another thing that would only change with a new deal.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.