Saudi Airstrikes Kill 85 Houthis Around Yemen’s Maarib

1,800 killed in the past two weeks

Saudi Arabia is again reporting a daily accounting of airstrikes around Maarib, reporting 85 Houthis killed and a number of military vehicles destroyed.

Though it is not possible yet to confirm the reports, reports from the Saudis would put the two-week Houthi death toll at around 1,800 killed. There have been virtually no accounts of casualties on the pro-Saudi side.

Indications, however, are that the Houthis are getting closer and closer to taking Maarib, having gained most surrounding areas in spite of suffering disproportionate death tolls.

Ever-growing airstrikes don’t seem to be pushing the Houthis back, though the advance may have flown. Eight months into the offensive on Maarib, there is no end in sight.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of