Over 80 Killed in Fighting SW of Yemen’s Maarib

Battle rages over key front line district

Military sources are claiming 82 fighters were killed, 74 Houthis and eight soldiers, in the Harib District of Yemen, the latest front line in the battle over the city of Maarib.

The Houthis have been pressuring Maarib since February, and have gained some control in the surrounding area. Getting to the city itself, however, has been heavily resisted in these battles.

The Houthis haven’t been as public in commenting on the battle, which means the military is claiming vastly more casualties inflicted on the Houthis, while territory has consistently, but slowly, been taken.

Maarib is considered symbolically important after all the fights, and whoever ends up with it will have bragging rights that have come rarely in the war, and a potential advantage in any peace talks to come.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.