Saudi Airstrikes Kill 35 Houthis in Maarib

Houthi media reported 23 Saudi strikes in Sirwah District

Pro-Saudi officials reported at least 35 Houthis were killed in Yemen’s province of Maarib on Monday in a flurry of Saudi airstrikes. They also said 13 vehicles were destroyed trying to block reinforcements.

The Houthis’ media appeared to confirm the matter, saying there were 23 Saudi strikes in Sirwah District. This tends to be where the reinforcements arrive. The Houthis did not confirm the death toll, which they normally don’t do.

The Houthis have been trying to make a push against Maarib since February, and in recent weeks they’ve been sending growing numbers of reinforcements to the area, even as mounting airstrikes have caused large death tolls.

The reinforcements reflect that the Houthis don’t want to give up on what they have long believed would be a decisive victory, even though the cost in lives in the past half year is going to make any victory for either side a very costly one indeed.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of