At Least 20 Houthis Killed in Saudi Airstrikes Near Maarib

Houthis report 17 strikes west of Maarib

Fighting continues over control of Maarib, the last town under government control in northern Yemen. The area has been contested since February, with large death tolls but no sign of anyone gaining a clear advantage.

Reports from the pro-Saudi side say that at least 20 Houthis were killed in the airstrikes, and four vehicles were destroyed. The targets were described as “reinforcements” in the area west of Maarib.

As usual, the Houthi media reported the strikes as well, saying 17 strikes were reported, but they made no comments on the casualties one way or another. All targeted districts mentioned put the strikes squarely west of Maarib.

Fighting in Maarib tends to spill over to the south into neighboring Bayda, but in recent weeks has stayed in and around Maarib, as both sides pump more and more fighters into the area, and continue months of engagement.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of