Israel Fires Missiles at Syrian Capital of Damascus

State media shows Syrian missile defense active in the skies

Syrian media has reported a new round of Israeli missile attacks Friday morning, in the area around the capital city of Damascus. Reports of damage are not clear yet, and Syria focused on the missile defenses actively intercepting fire.

As is often the case, the Israeli attacks came from Lebanese airspace, and as is even more often the case, Israel has not officially commented on the attack. This is the first reported attack in over a week.

Israeli attacks on Syria are almost always done on the pretext of attacking Shi’ite factions, including Hezbollah. Russia has been interested in curbing the rate of Israeli attacks in recent months, though so far the only measure taken was further bolstering Syria’s already substantial air defenses.

Russia’s talk of doing something had Israel not carrying out strikes with their past regularity, though in recent weeks they seem to be stepping up with airstrikes, potentially to judge what response they get.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of