Saudi Airstrikes Kill 10 Houthis in Yemen’s Maarib

Saudis say 'high-ranking leaders' among the slain

Saudi Arabia was reported to have carried out airstrikes around the north Yemeni city of Maarib on Saturday, killing 10 Houthis and destroying at least two vehicles in Sirwah District, not far from the frontline.

Identities of the slain are unknown, but a pro-Saudi official claimed three “high-ranking leaders” in the Houthi movement were among the slain. The Houthis statement only reported seven strikes, and didn’t detail deaths.

Maarib is the last city under the control of pro-Saudi forces within the territory of northern Yemen. The Houthis have been contesting it more or less constantly since February, believing taking the city would be a major turn in the war.

As fighting drags on, a lot of the attacks and counterattacks have gotten tangled up with fighting in Bayda, just south of Maarib. The pro-Saudi side would claim to have repelled an attack and try to expand the momentum southward.

So far, this has meant persistent fighting and persistent reinforcements from both sides to keep things going. There has been a substantial death toll from the fighting, but little territory has changed hands.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of