Taliban Says They’re ‘Committed’ to Afghan Peace Talks

Officials push 'genuine Islamic system' as way to peace

The Taliban issued a statement on Sunday, with top negotiator Mullah Baradar saying that the Taliban remains committed to the ongoing Afghan peace talks, and are determined to come to an understanding.

The statement offered some of the more specific details of the Taliban’s position on post-war Afghanistan, saying that they believe that a “genuine Islamic system” would be the key to ending the conflict, and ensuring rights for women.

Opponents of a deal with the Taliban are likely to hype the idea that an Islamic system will necessarily be a very strict one that curbs the rights of women and religious minorities. Many seem to believe a well formulated system is possible to avoid those concerns.

Baradar said that minorities and humanitarian groups have nothing to fear in post-war Afghanistan. After 20 years of war there is likely to be resistance no matter what the terms of the deal are, and mistrust will necessarily take time to fade.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.