Israeli Tanks Attack, Destroy Syrian Outpost Near Border

Reports claim outpost had been used by Hezbollah

Syrian media is reporting an Israeli attack on an observation post in Qahtaniah. The attack was carried out by tanks and destroyed the outpost. The outpost was some 150 meters from the border, and there was no word if anyone was inside at the time. Media reported no injuries.

There was no indication why the site was attacked, though Israel attacks Syria often. Israeli drones reportedly had dropped leaflets in the area, saying that locals were being used by Hezbollah. Israel has refused to comment since the attack.

Locals reported that a Hezbollah figure had visited the outpost in the past, which was quickly turned by media outlets into claims that the outpost was used by “Iranian proxies.” The Hezbollah member, Jawed Hashem, reportedly oversees Hezbollah’s operations in the Golan Heights.

This was the latest of several Israeli strikes against this part of the Syrian border area. Many of the strikes are targeting military sites near the Israeli occupied part of Golan, with claims from Israeli military officials that Syria is violating their sovereignty. Israel claimed to have annexed Golan, but this is not recognized internationally.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of