IAEA Chief: Essential to Reach Iran Nuclear Deal Agreements

Grossi 'worried' about Iran nuclear program

In his most recent interview, IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi played up concerns about the Iranian nuclear program, conceding that he has no indication of an active nuclear weapons program, while saying that he’s starting to worry about inspection access being curtailed.

His comments are reflective of other things Grossi has said lately, suggesting he is trying to shift the narrative on talks with Iran by playing into the tired fear-mongering so often put forward by his predecessors.

Grossi is in an unenviable position, having taken his post at the IAEA in the middle of protracted battles over the Iran nuclear deal and sanctions relief. Iran cut access to the IAEA to try to coax cooperation out of the P5+1. It’s not about the IAEA, but Grossi is clearly trying to treat this as an Iran vs. IAEA situation.

In playing up the limited access he’s getting, Grossi is playing to the US tone in talks, but sanctions relief that would be the solution to these issues, and would free up access. That’s being negotiated by the nations, not Grossi, and his comments risk undercutting deals those nations might make.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.