US: Iran Must Keep Monitoring in Place for Nuclear Deal

US demands Iran extend deal beyond June 24 deadline

Following up on IAEA complaints that extending the Iran monitoring deal is getting difficult, the US has issued a statement Tuesday demanding that Iran keep the present monitoring deal, which expires on June 24, in place beyond that date, warning the nuclear deal would be at risk if they didn’t.

That the US is making this case is awkward, because the US isn’t a party to the nuclear deal as it is, having reneged on it years ago. This demand casts a shadow over ongoing nuclear talks, at a time when most nations, other than the US, believe a deal could be had soon.

The current monitoring deal took effect in late February, and after its initial three months was extended another month, to June 24. Iran’s presidential election is set for June 18 and the current government was loath to extend beyond that date because a new government will likely want to set its own tone with the IAEA.

The simplest solution to all of this would be to make the deal before the election, but the US has expressed doubts of that happening, and also seems to be readying to further downgrade their efforts on the talks afterwards, potentially worsening relations with the next Iranian government as soon as it is in place.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of