Bus Bombing Is a Growing Tactic for Afghan Militants Seeking High Casualties

Kabul residents told to be vigilant when using public transportation

Violence continues to rage in many parts of Afghanistan, and the capital of Kabul is facing a growing tactic, as different militant groups target buses, particularly in the neighborhoods of the Shi’ite minority (Hazaras).

Reports suggest this is a common technique for several groups. ISIS in particular has been going after the Hazaras in Kabul recently, and the buses are an easy soft target for trying to cause high casualty numbers.

This sort of attack has raised sectarian tensions in Afghanistan, and desperation among Hazaras, who find themselves constantly under siege, and with a government that cautions vigilance, but seems to be unable to provide security.

The calls for vigilance come with talk from officials that this is a worrying change in tactics. In practice there has often been a focus on inflicting casualties, and the bus routes are particularly vulnerable as the government struggles to pick places to defend, and leaves others dangerously exposed.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.