Afghanistan to Send Negotiators to Doha to Resume Talks

Officials predict a slow process toward making any deal

Afghan officials say between eight and ten members of their negotiating team will be dispatched to Doha in the next two days to resume talks with the Taliban. These will be the first official talks in weeks, amid hopes for a new push.

Officials downplayed the chances of any quick deals, saying they think the Taliban are still not ready for “meaningful participation” and predicting that talks will last longer than expected.

The Taliban rejected this, and claims that Mullah Hibatullah is “missing” on the Taliban negotiating side, calling it baseless, and saying that their negotiating team is fully ready for more talks in Doha.

The Taliban has recently emphasized a preference to focus on Doha talks, above and beyond conferences in places like Istanbul. They have said they’ll send people to Istanbul as well, but they believe that direct talks in Doha, without myriad foreign interference, is where the real progress must happen.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of