US and Russia Won’t Have Ambassadors in Each Other’s Capitals as Tensions Simmer

The US ambassador to Russia said he is returning to Washington, Moscow recalled its ambassador after Biden called Putin a 'killer'

Due to the hostile policies of the Biden administration, tensions between the US and Russia are soaring. Now, amid the souring relations, the two countries won’t have ambassadors in each other’s capitals, making diplomatic communications even more difficult.

US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan announced on Tuesday that he is returning to Washington for “consultations.” His announcement came after Russia’s foreign minister suggested Sullivan return to the US for the time being in response to new US sanctions against Moscow and the White House’s decision to expel 10 Russian diplomats.

Last month, Russia recalled its ambassador to the US after President Biden agreed in an interview that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “killer” who has “no soul.” Since his comments, Biden has called Putin and proposed an in-person meeting, which US and Russian officials are discussing setting up.

Although Biden suggested meeting with Putin, it was after the phone call that the US slapped a wide array of sanctions against Russian officials and entities and expelled the Russian diplomats. Moscow responded by expelling US diplomats and releasing a list of current and former officials who are banned from entering Russia.

On top of the rhetoric and the sanctions, the US has also expressed its “unwavering” support for Ukraine amid tensions with Russia. The Biden administration is hyping the presence of Russian troops near Ukraine’s border, claiming it is the largest Russian military build-up since 2014.

On Monday, the EU claimed that Russia had sent over 150,000 troops near the border with Ukraine but had to correct the number and said later it was more like 100,000. But it’s still not clear how this number has been determined.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.