Iraq PM: Progress Made on US Troop Pullout

Govt imposing 'legal and time-based mechanisms'

In a meeting with military officers, Iraqi PM Mustafa Kadhimi reported that his government has been successful in “imposing legal and time-based mechanisms” on the pullout of US and other coalition forces from Iraq.

Kadhimi emphasized the military’s readiness to lead combat against ISIS, and take responsibility for security without foreign involvement. Parliament in particular has been angling for the US exit since the assassination of Iranian Gen. Suleimani at Baghdad’s airport.

The US had previously resisted talk of a pullout, but now is in talks on what shape the future strategic relationship will take, and what military force, if any, is to be involved. This means that it is at least plausible the US will end up leaving.

Having a timeframe for the US pullout is key right now, because certain militia factions are pushing hard to see that this is progressing as a condition for continuing to work with Kadhimi’s government. This will be a key to stability going into the next election, and probably can’t be done with the US presence.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of