Biden Aims to Justify Attack on Syria, Iran Warns US Attack Helps ISIS

Biden says groups in Syria were involved in attacks in Iraq

Facing criticism for the attack on Syria last week, President Biden has offered a letter to top Congressional leaders defending the incident, saying that the military notified Congress in advance, and that the militias targeted are “non-state militia groups” which the US blames for recent attacks in Iraq.

Biden said this was “consistent” with past US policy, and that the US has the inherent right to conduct such attacks. He added it was consistent with the War Powers Resolution in keeping Congress informed.

Congressional critics aren’t disputing that, however, and are more concerned with the wisdom of US aggression on this front, and whether it amounts to a continuation of US military policy going forward.

Even more critical was Iranian FM Javad Zarif, who called it a violation of Syrian sovereignty, and warned it amounted to the US giving a boost to ISIS in Syria with these attacks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of