Rockets Hit Baghdad Base With US Contractors Present, One Iraqi Wounded

Attack came after ISIS clashes in the area

At least four rockets hit al-Balad airbase, just north of Baghdad, over the weekend. The assumption is that this was an ISIS attack, as the fire came immediately after ISIS clashes in the area.

Al-Balad base is noteworthy for having a substantial presence of US contractors, though they appear to have been uninvolved in the rocket fire. The reports are that only a single casualty, one wounded Iraqi, resulted from the strikes.

Though it wouldn’t be unusual for ISIS to do this, especially after a fight, the presence of US troops raises some questions, as sites US troops are present at often come under rocket fire from other militias, a source of tensions.

The fight with ISIS left five ISIS members killed and two pro-government fighters also slain. ISIS has not commented on the matter, likely preferring to leave the US uncertain who was behind the rocket strike.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of