Fmr. Gov’t Forces Repel Latest Houthi Push on Maarib

Reinforcements continue to attack, fighting on several fronts

Fighting continues over the last former government outpost in Maarib Province, the last thing they hold in northern Yemen, as Houthi forces continue to send reinforcements into the area, and contest from several directions.

So far, government officials say they’ve repelled the attacks. Dozens are dead on both sides, but few expect this to be the end of the matter so much as another day gone with no territory changing hands.

That’s not to say that the fighting is totally inconsequential. The Houthis are reported to have killed a top army commander in contesting the post, and the large scale operation seemingly has both sides coming to terms with the lack of progress from the fighting after several years.

Maarib’s value as the “last” northern holding makes it more of a PR gain than anything, and it’s clear that whatever happens here, the war remains as stalemated as ever, with no signs of fighting bringing a result.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of