Saudi Airstrikes Kill 34 Houthis in Central Yemen

Deadliest airstrike in months

Officials are reporting that Saudi airstrikes against a Houthi convoy in the central Maarib Province killed at least 34 fighters, and destroyed three military vehicles which were attempting to transport them to the front line.

Maarib is a long-contested territory, one of several routes through which the Saudis tried to advance on the capital. As with other attempts the fighting has stalemated, and the situation is unresolved.

Houthis reported the death toll to the press. The Houthi-run media also confirmed the strike, but did not provide details on the death toll. The Saudis have not reported directly on the matter.

Also unclear is if there were any civilian deaths, though airstrikes on a highway hitting multiple vehicles suggests some other incidental vehicles might well have been in the line of fire.

This is the deadliest strike in Yemen since early September, when the Saudis attacked a prison and killed massive numbers of prisoners.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of