Afghan Officials Say ISIS Plot to Kill US Envoy Foiled

Cell plotted to kill Charge d'Affaires

Afghan intelligence officials are reporting that they foiled an ISIS plot in Nangarhar Province, where a cell was plotting to murder US Charge d’Affaires Ross Wilson. They say the plot was ended with the arrest of a four-man cell.

ISIS’s affiliate in Afghanistan, known as ISIS-K, is based out of Nangarhar, so it makes sense that’s where the plot originated. Officials didn’t offer any further details, however, so it’s not clear how far along the plot had advanced.

The Pentagon had been accusing ISIS of targeted killings in Nangarhar and the surrounding area, and it does seem this may have been linked to a bigger overall plot.

ISIS may be particularly interested in stirring things up during the peace talks between government and Taliban. The Taliban have already been attacking ISIS where they find them, and as that peace process advances, ISIS will be more isolated.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of