Yemen Reports 12 Houthis Killed in Dhale Province

STC forces dispatched to area to fight

Yemeni officials issued a statement reporting 12 Houthis were killed in fighting in the Dhale Province. Dhale is one of the southernmost provinces still contested by both sides.

During a multi-hour battle, government forces seized vehicles and medium weapons. It is unclear what territory changed hands, if any.

Fighting in Dhale is likely to escalate in the future. A new power-sharing bid between the government and the STC southern separatists has seen STC fighters withdrawing from Aden, and being sent to Dhale.

Fighting over Dhale is virtually constant at any rate, and the influx of STC fighters may finally turn the tide on a stalemate, giving them a chance to secure the province and turn attention northward.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of