Afghan Negotiators Prepare Serious Talks on Wednesday

Both sides will discuss Taliban's recommendations for agenda

After three straight days of fruitful talks in working groups, the Afghan negotiators in Doha took a day off Tuesday, and have set up high-profile meetings Wednesday, which will include talk on the Taliban’s 28-item recommendation.

Afghan VP Abdullah Abdullah says there will be “serious” talks of the matter. Indications are that the focus of talks now is to set the agenda for future talks, a major step that began after the two sides worked out the framework and rules for dispute resolution.

The Taliban’s proposal has not been made public, but despite reports has not included further prisoner releases. The Afghan government is pushing for a ceasefire as their first goal, and it seems a safe bet this will be discussed in the next day or so.

The big focus of the Taliban’s proposal is to create a council of religious scholars, and give them control over the education system for the entire nation. The Taliban have also suggested that freedom for women and the media should be guided by Islamic teachings.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of