Officials: At Least 13 Houthis Killed in Northern Yemen

Houthis provide no details on attack in Saada

Yemeni government officials are reporting that an attack was carried out against Houthi forces in the far northern Saada Province, killing “nearly 13” Houthis and wounding several others. They added that light and medium weapons were left behind.

The Houthis haven’t commented on the matter yet, though state media claimed the fighters in question had tried to infiltrate a government-run military site, and failed in the attempt.

Shi’ite-dominated Saada is a major power base for the Houthis, though its proximity to the Saudi border has also made it a regular target during the Saudi invasion. Parts of Saada have been faced with a lot of fighting throughout the war.

Having the Houthis fail to take a base this deep in their own heartland is noteworthy, but not shocking, as the longer the war has gone on, the more both sides have struggled to make serious gains.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of