Eight Killed in Yemeni Port Shelling, Both Sides Trade Blame

Shells hit industrial site in Hodeidah

The vital aid port of Hodeidah is a difficult place for fighting in Yemen, and not just because of a ceasefire meant to be in place. It’s right in the middle of the war, and both sides tend to swap blame when the attacks kill bystanders.

This was the case Wednesday night into Thursday, when shells hit the Thabit Brothers industrial site in Hodeidah, killing eight civilian workers. The Saudi-backed government blamed the Houthis, and early reports were unclear who fired them.

The UN was not just critical for it hitting civilians, but also because the UN is considering that building for an office. It’s not clear if the site will be considered if it keeps getting shelled.

Hodeidah is the source of most food entering Yemen, and the only source of food and medical aid into Houthi territory. This threat of mass starvation is a big reason the UN has sought deals to prevent fighting there.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.