Afghan Peace Talks Entering New Phase, Despite Reported Disputes

Negotiators moving ahead with new procedural rules

For over a week, there have been reports that the intra-Afghan peace talks have finally agreed on rules and procedures going forward, a major breakthrough. This has been disputed sometimes, with President Ghani apparently objecting and nothing being finalized.

Despite this, new reports from negotiators indicate that they intend to move forward with these talks, and with the terms already reported for the rules. This will allow everyone to pretend they didn’t sign the rules, but keep advancing the peace process as if they had.

Those familiar with the situation say the Taliban is showing flexibility on the process, saying that they are willing to address demands, and still want the process to be based on religious law, as well as the existing US-Taliban peace deal.

The Ghani government continues to deny reports of progress, saying they’ll announce the rules, if and when they’re agreed upon.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of