At Least 29 Pro-Turkey Fighters Killed by Explosions, Landmines in North Syria

Fighters got caught in minefield trying to sneak into Kurdish area

Turkey-backed rebels in northern Syria are reeling Tuesday, after a pair of car bombings and an ill-considered jaunt through a minefield left at least 29 fighters killed and a number wounded.

The car bombings hit al-Bab and Afrin. Eight were killed in the two cities, and 35 wounded. There were no claims of responsibility. Generally speaking, the Turkish government blames Kurdish fighters.

The deadliest incident was 30 fighters trying to sneak into the Kurdish village of Muallaq after drone strikes. They headed out, and wandered into a minefield that the Kurdish SDF had set up. 21 were killed and the rest wounded.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights suggested ISIS may have been behind the al-Bab bombing, and didn’t say on the other. The Kurdish SDF clearly made the minefield.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of