Afghans Retake Kunduz Base; 14 Killed

Officials claim nearly 100 Taliban slain in Kandahar

The Bala Hisar military base in Kunduz Province traded hands today, with the Taliban briefly seizing it before losing it back to the government a few hours later. Officials said 14 were killed in the fighting, including 6 troops.

The Taliban launched several attacks recently, including a base in Kabul. Officials said 10 Taliban were killed, but this is not confirmed, nor has the Taliban commented on it.

Speaking of official death tolls unconfirmed, the government also claimed to have killed 97 Taliban overnight in Kandahar Province. The government likes to brag up large death tolls, but again there is no confirmation that this even happened.

There is growing concern that the ongoing fighting is getting in the way of the peace talks in Doha. Both sides are expressing annoyance at how the talks haven’t made a lot of progress.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of