ISIS Kills 14 Syrian Fighters in Hama Province

Troops attacked east of Salamiyah

Despite several fights ending poorly for them in recent weeks, ISIS in Syria continues to be glowingly active in trying to fight Syrian troops, this time ambushing and killing 14 soldiers in Hama Province.

The attack took place just east of Salamiyah, near the desert. That’s in keeping with ISIS strategy, as most recent attacks are in or near the deserts around Syria.

Since ISIS’s defeat, their fighters mostly fled into unoccupied desert, where they remain to this day. They often use this to try to ambush the military or other enemies. The recent attacks mostly are coming out of those deserts, as they try to reassert into some territory of some value.

In the past this hasn’t worked, and Syria is looking to counterattack this ISIS group. They have to find them, first, but if they do they will likely hit them on the ground and with Russian air support.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of