Abrams: Would Be Difficult for Biden to Return to Iran Nuclear Deal

May not be possible to go back to old deal

Speaking to Israeli reporters, US Special Envoy to Iran sanctions Elliott Abrams said US talks with Iran are “inevitable” under Joe Biden, and that Biden could try to use Trump sanctions to get a new nuclear deal. He expressed doubt Biden would even be able to revive the nuclear deal as it existed previously.

That’s by design. The Trump Administration has been imposing new sanctions against Iran for months explicitly to limit Biden’s options when he takes office. Abrams says this is “unrelated to politics,” and that it would not be simple to go back to the deal anymore.

Abrams used sanctions on Iranian ambassadors as an example, saying that was unrelated to politics. He doubted Biden would try to ease sanctions, and further said he’s not clear if its politically possible.

Abrams went on to declare those sanctions “leverage,” though it’s not clear US negotiators would have any leverage at all if even the US can’t undo Trump-era sanctions. If anything, this seems an effort to solidify permanent US hostility.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.