Car Bomb Kills Three, Dozens Wounded at Afghan Police Base

Bombing took place amid gunfight

A car bomb attack on a police base in Khost Province, near Afghanistan’s border with Pakistan, took place Tuesday morning during a gun battle, and the bombing killed at least three police, and wounded dozens of others.

Attacks on police have been increasingly common in the Afghan War in recent months, with the Taliban usually overrunning bases and looting equipment from them. In this case, they do not appear to have taken the base, though the fighting has continued throughout the day.

The Afghan Interior Ministry has reported at least four attackers were killed in the fighting, and they’re reporting them as Taliban, although so far no one has claimed credit for the attack at all.

The Taliban is most likely, but the attack’s proximity to Pakistan means that a number of militant groups from the other side of the border might’ve gotten involved.

The tactics don’t clear things up either, as a fight breaking out first and then a car bombing going off during the battle is a common tactic for militant groups trying to get maximum casualties.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of