13 ISIS, 21 Syrian Soldiers Killed in Hama Fighting

Fighting centered on desert in eastern Hama Province

48 hours of fighting in Syria’s Hama Province have left at least 13 ISIS fighters dead and 21 Syrian soldiers killed. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the toll, and predicted the deaths will rise because of the injuries inflicted.

ISIS fighters launched the attack out of deserts in eastern Hama, just one of several examples of ISIS trying to reassert itself out of deserts their forces have been hiding in. The Syrian military responded with artillery fire and Russian airstrikes.

As fighting grew, the Syrian Army also dispatched reinforcements into the area. Between that and the airstrikes they seem to have returned this ISIS group back to a defensive posture.

That’s where materially all of ISIS is, camping in the desert and hoping for opportunities to try to push back out into nearby areas. So far they’ve been unsuccessful in these pushes, mostly fighting the Syrian military and mostly losing with heavy casualties.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.