Taliban Kill at Least 34 in North Afghanistan Ambush

Deputy police chief reported slain

After the Afghan government reported several deadly moves against the Taliban on Monday and Tuesday, the Taliban carried out an ambush in northern Takhar, killing at least 34 troops, including the deputy police chief.

Provincial officials suggested the toll might be even higher, with some suggesting 42 slain. The Taliban was said to be contesting Baharak District.

This comes following Afghan defense officials emphasizing high death tolls in their own recent offensives, and a US-Taliban deal to stop the Helmand offensive. The Taliban likely feels they have to keep resisting the Afghan government after that deal, to show that the attacks of this week haven’t put them on the defensive.

It also comes as Gen. Scott Miller says the US is holding back in Afghanistan to try to protect their own peace deal with the Taliban. This always comes with warnings that the US might scrap that in favor of a return to fighting, and a high death toll in Takhar Province is ill-timed.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of Antiwar.com.