Yemen Child Killed, Five Civilians Wounded in Bombardment of Taiz School

Officials blame 'mercenaries' for attacks

A school in Yemen’s Taiz Province was bombarded at least twice on Sunday, leaving at least one child killed and five other civilians wounded. Reports called the attacks an aerial bombardment, though some also mentioned artillery fire on the site.

Officials blamed “mercenaries” for the attacks, which broadly means groups affiliated with the Saudi-led invasion force. There were reportedly two distinct strikes, the first injuring a woman and two children, and the second, less than an hour later, killing a child, injuring a father and son.

Taiz has seen some of the worst fighting in Yemen’s protracted invasion, as it was the route through which the initial invasion of Aden was meant to end up in the capital of Sanaa. Taiz never fell, and has remained contested for years, even as invasion forces tried to find alternate routes to Sanaa.

Stalemated places tend to become targets of persistent strikes against obvious civilian targets, killing civilians in large number but rarely changing control of any serious areas within the city. This makes it harder and harder for civilians, who have little hope of fighting resolving, and often can’t go anywhere else.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of