Thousands Displaced as Yemen’s Fighting Centers on Maarib Province

Refugee camp continues to move as fighting follows them

A lot of the ongoing Yemen War hasn’t seen much displacement in recent years. The same towns tend to be constantly contested, and the people there fled long ago to safer areas, to the extent anywhere in Yemen is truly safe.

Recent pushes into Maarib Province by the Houthis have caused a lot of diplaced, with a refugee camp of about 1,500 families forming overnight. That camp has had to move three times in just the past couple of weeks, as they’ve fled the same way the fighting is going.

The Houthis have designs on the oil-producing parts of Maarib, which are valuable to the extent anything in Yemen is, though their production is still fairly minor in the grand scheme of things. The refugees are just from towns along the way.

As with most of the fighting in Yemen’s six year war, it’s not likely to be a real game changer for the combatants, but puts yet more civilians in desperate need of food aid, and as with everyone else in Yemen, they are in a place where that aid is going to be hard to bring in and distribute.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of