Iran Chased Off US Spy Plane During Strait of Hormuz Exercises

Iran deploys submarine, cruise missiles during wargames

The day before Iran’s Friday military exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, they warned the US to keep their planes out of the area. Unsurprisingly, they did not, and Iran reported a P-8 spy plane and two US drones in the Iranian air defense zone.

Iran reported that they sent planes up and drove the US plane away. It’s hardly a surprise the US made an appearance, especially after being told not to, and this may have just been a chance for Iran to test its interception capabilities amid the wargames.

Iran sought to use the exercises to show off its home-made weaponry, deploying a cruise missile, as well as the Fateh – the first Iranian-made submarine.  The Fateh was introduced last year, but this is its first time seen during an operation.

Iran’s Naval commander said that this was “not about deterrence; it’s about attacking any target that could pose a threat for Iran.” With US warships often hanging around on the outskirts of Iranian waters, this is a significant capability to have.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of