IAEA Inspectors Visit Disputed Iran Site, Collect Samples

IAEA will visit second site later this month

Following up on recent deals to access a pair of alleged Iranian nuclear sites, the IAEA has confirmed that they visited the firsst site today, collecting samples. They say it will take about three months to analyze the samples.

The two sites were part of Israel’s allegations, and Iran denied they were nuclear sites at all. The IAEA visited them once before, didn’t find anything, and then pressed for another shot at sample collection. Terms were worked out at a recent visit to Tehran by IAEA Chief Rafael Grossi.

The negotiations worked out permission to visit both sites. The date isn’t public, but the IAEA says they’ll visit the second site later in September at some point, likely with similar analysis time.

The problem, which was why Iran resisted a second visit, is that the IAEA found nothing the first time, but tried to avoid any criticism by refusing to rule out that they’d missed something. This led the US to push for more visits, and accused Iran of a coverup.

This means that even giving another round of access might not resolve anything, and even if Iran is not guilty of anything in this case, it’s unlikely the international community will let it drop, and it’s just a continuation of pushes for more visits.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.