Trump or Biden, Venezuela’s Opposition Expects Support

Attempted regime change is a bipartisan goal

Since the Trump Administration announced regime change in Venezuela, they’ve been heavily backing changing the leadership from President Maduro to opposition leader Juan Guaido. It hasn’t taken, so far, but heading into the election Trump is seen as very pro-regime change.

That Joe Biden is ahead in the poll may not be a concern as far as Guaido is concerned. He expects a Biden Administration would continue this support, and doesn’t envision a US policy shift.

That’s not surprising, as at the State of the Union, Guaido got a bipartisan standing ovation, Both parties may have a few different ideas on how to set about installing Guaido, but hostility toward Maduro is a set US policy that remains intact.

That’s in keeping with US policy in Latin America, where meddling and installing pro-US puppets has been an established pass time. That’s not expected to change either way, and Guaido probably doesn’t want to pick a favored side to risk becoming a lower priority for either.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of