Trump and Democrats Both Promise End to ‘Forever Wars’

Democratic Platform calls for an end to US support for the war in Yemen

With November approaching, the Democratic Party and President Trump have released plans for future policies, and both sides are calling for an end to Washington’s seemingly never-ending wars in the Middle East.

On Sunday, President Trump released a 50-point agenda for his second term that says the president will “stop endless war” and bring US troops “home.” The plan also pledges that the US will “maintain” military strength and says the US will “wipe out” global terrorists that threaten Americans.

The Democratic Party released its 2020 platform this month, which uses similar language to President Trump’s agenda and calls for ending “forever wars.” The plan says the Democrats will work to end these foreign entanglements “responsibly.” The only conflicts mentioned by name in the platform are the wars in Afghanistan and Yemen.

The Democrats don’t promise a withdrawal from Afghanistan, but they do call for a political agreement that will prevent the rise of al-Qaeda and ISIS in the country, which sounds similar to the peace process that is playing out now.

The Democratic platform takes a stronger stance on the war in Yemen. “Democrats will end support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen and help bring the war to an end,” the platform reads. There was a bipartisan push to end US support for the war in Yemen in 2019, but that was ultimately defeated when President Trump used his veto powers against a War Powers resolution calling for an end to the war.

President Trump ran on ending these “forever wars” in 2016, and so far, has failed to live up to his promise. The Democrats have played a role in the president’s failure, with most Democrats in Congress opposing Trump’s plans at every turn, like when the president tried to pull out of Syria in 2019.

Author: Dave DeCamp

Dave DeCamp is the news editor of, follow him on Twitter @decampdave.