Trump: US Troops in Iraq Will Return Home Soon

Says US will be 'leaving shortly'

In comments to reporters on the Iraq War during meetings with PM on Thursday, President Trump revealed that his intention is to withdraw substantial numbers of US troops from the country as soon as possible, saying that the US will be “leaving shortly.

Trump said he never liked the Iraq War, and that “they have to run their country.” That doesn’t mean a full pullout is likely in short order, however, despite that being how some reporters are taking the comments.

Rather, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wants the lowest level of US troops “as quickly as they can,” and this seems, like Afghanistan, to be an effort to cut troops to a very low level while maintaining a small presence, at least for now.

It is worth noting Trump’s comments coincide with the Iraqi PM’s visit, and may suggest wiggle room on Iraq’s demand for a pullout, which Trump had previously objected to.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of