Saudi Airstrikes in North Yemen Kill 10 Civilians

Attacks targeted homes in al-Jawf

Another round of Saudi airstrikes against northern Yemen killed at least 10 civilians and wounded 12 others on Thursday, when they hit a series of residential areas in al-Jawf. The slain included at least seven children, and women and children were most of the wounded.

This is the latest of several Saudi airstrikes over the past month, all in northern civilian areas, all causing substantial casualties.

Much like those other incidents, this came with no announcement from the Saudis on what military targets they were even trying to target, and no official responses after the reports emerged of substantial civilian casualties.

More and more civilian casualties in the Saudi war on Yemen have fueled a substantial international backlash against the conflict, and calls for nations to stop selling the Saudis arms without conditioning them on not killing civilians.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of