Pentagon Won’t Confirm Trump’s Planned Troop Cuts in Afghanistan

Spox says discussing plans not appropriate

Pentagon’s top spokesman Jonathan Hoffman expressed hope that the peace process with Afghanistan will be met to allow a pullout, but refused to confirm President Trump’s plan to cut half of remaining troops from there, as announced just yesterday.

Trump’s announcement wasn’t the first on troop cuts ahead of November’s vote in Afghanistan. Perhaps even more concerningly, this is the latest of several Trump announcements that the Pentagon’s spokesmen have feigned ignorance of.

Hoffman would only say that the Pentagon might discuss the plan later if it is “appropriate.” The Trump plan is to have 4,000 troops left by the election. Similar plans have been consistently reported for over a month.

The Pentagon is increasingly opaque on announced plans to cut troops. Several announced cuts in Germany have gone without confirmation, and Afghanistan is following that trend.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of