Russian Jet Intercepts Another US Spy Plane Over Black Sea

Russia intercepted two US planes just the day before

On Thursday, Russian jet intercepted two US spy planes over the Black Sea, saying they were approaching the Russian border without permission, and that this was four times they’d had to intercept US planes in just over a week.

Underscoring that nothing appears to have been learned, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported Friday that the US sent another plane in the Black Sea, near the border, and a Russian Su-27 had to intercept and force them to change course.

These interceptions are getting almost ridiculously common, partiuclarly since the US is not a Black Sea power and would have no more than a very limited presence related to other nations that have coastlines in the mostly inland sea.

Russia and NATO member Romania have some disputes over the Black Sea, and the US involvement is likely to continue to stay involved, even in a limited way, just to brag about how anti-Russia they are being.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of