US Sanctions Syria, Threatens Anyone Doing Business With Them

Sanctions aim to limit post-war government planning

On Wednesday, the US imposed a new round of sanctions against the Syrian government, a move with a clear eye on limiting Syria’s ability to plan for the end of the civil war, and making reconstruction deals.

The US has long opposed any peace efforts or post-war elections that didn’t turn out in line with US visions for the future of Syria.The new sanctions go beyond that, threatening to “blacklist” anyone who is caught doing business with the Syrians.

This would cover a lot of basic commerce Syria might engage in in the course of reconstruction, particularly importing goods and services, and may force Syria to delay such rebuilding for lack of willing contractors.

This sort of escalation of sanctions is increasingly common for the administration, moving away from targeting specific industries and instead trying to forbid all business and threaten anyone who has contact with the target to try to isolate them.Historically this standard was limited to North Korea, but has recently included Iran and Venezuela.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of