US, Russia Resume Nuclear Arms Control Talks in Vienna

One day of talks will lead to three days of negotiations

 With less than a year left before the expiration of New START, the US and Russia returned to the negotiating table Tuesday in Vienna, Austria. The first day was to be just a full day of talks, followed by three days of negotiations on details of potential deals.

There is no word of progress yet, unsurprising on the first day. There was talk of extending New START, though the US is still trying to find a way to get China involved. China, despite US calls, did not show up at Vienna.

Another issue was space security, with the US accusing Russia of having “turned space into a war-fighting domain.” The US is pushing for a new round of “rules of war” that would specifically govern space war.

Russia and China have both suggested banning weapons in outer space via international treaty. The US opposes such a ban, saying they want instead a specific set of rules about what weapons are allowed, and not those which are not.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of