US General Predicts Iran Will ‘Respond’ to Recent Israeli Attacks

Israel hoping to start an Iran war and get US involved

Fresh off of reports on Thursday that Israel is sabotaging Iran at a growing rate with a direct eye toward starting a war, and hoping to get the US involved, before the November election, a top US general made a worrying prediction that suggests it way work.

Centcom leader Gen. Kenneth McKenzie predicted that Iran “will respond” to the Israeli attacks, Iranian officials have similarly warned they would respond, without providing a timetable for anything.

Israel believes a war during Trump’s presidency would be to their advantage, and don’t want to risk him losing power and then having to sell Joe Biden on the war. With a few months left, however, Iran might choose to simply wait until after the vote to retaliate.

This is particularly true when reports of Israel’s plan are increasingly widespread, and knowing that retaliation soon is a “trap,” Iran could easily choose not to do so.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of