Pentagon: US Has Withdrawn From Five Afghan Bases as Part of Pullout

Mid-8,000 US troops remain in Afghanistan

Pentagon officials report on Tuesday that the drawdown in Afghanistan continues apace, down to about 8,000 troops left. In addition to this level, the US has withdrawn fully from five bases in Afghanistan as part of the deal.

The US made a deal with the Taliban earlier this year to end the war and leave Afghanistan. Signs point to all the troops being out potentially by year’s end, though Pentagon officials say this is conditions-based.

US officials didn’t specify which bases were closed yet, and say they want to emphasize capabilities, not numbers. Previously the Pentagon had indicated they wanted to maintain as much of a presence as possible with the reduced troop levels.

Getting out of bases is a key step in showing that parts of Afghanistan without US troops don’t immediately collapse, and encourages the Afghan government to make its deal with the Taliban while the US is still there.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of