North Korea Rejects Talks as US Envoy Visits Seoul

No intention to immediately restart talks

US envoy Stephen Biegun is meant to be a top figure in US-North Korea diplomacy, and his visit to South Korea this week has raised hopes that something is about to happen. North Korea dismissed this idea, however.

North Korea says they have no intention to resume dialogue with the US just now, and warned that South Korea has lost all relevance as a mediator for such talks. The US confirmed Biegun’s visit wasn’t specifically done for any scheduled North Korea talks.

The US and North Korea haven’t had face to face talks in some time, and tensions have risen with the lack of progress, leading North Korea to threaten to return to pre-diplomacy posture. So far, there is no sign the US has any specific plans to restore talks.

Face-to-face meetings have made progress in the past, and Biegun was brought into the process specifically for his rapport with North Korea. Yet it seems there is little appetite to talk just now, and the situation will remain as shaky as ever.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of