US Economic, Military Pressure Drive Deeper Venezuela, Iran Ties

Venezuela: US has no right to intervene in bilateral ties

Since President Trump announced the US intention to impose regime change in Venezuela, sanctions against the country have grown precipitously. Direct sanctions, and banking sanctions, have severely limited trade.

If one nation can sympathize, it’s Iran. US hostility toward Iran since the revolution has put them in an almost identical position for a generation. Being in the same boat, the two nations have tried to improve ties, and increase direct trade.

Since the US sees Iran and Venezuela as up to no good, they see direct trade between the two as even more trouble, and have been threatening to move against the two nations to stop commerce going forward.

Venezuela’s Vice-Minister Carlos Ron slammed US interference, saying they have no right to intervene in bilateral relations of two sovereign states, and are violating free trade and WTO dispositions.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of