North Korea Suspends Military Action Against South Korea

Kim orders action halted, citing prevailing situation

Concerns about a military buildup in recent weeks on the Korean border seem to be calming down after Kim Jong Un has ordered the suspension of planned military action against neighboring South Korea. North Korean state media said the decision was taken in light of the prevailing situation.

The recent flareup centered on South Koreans sending propaganda leaflets over the border, with Kim’s sister Kim Yo-jong ordering the military to decisively act against South Korea. Since then, military buildup has been reported, and previously abandoned border posts reoccupied.

This could’ve just meant an ongoing buildup of troops and tensions, but Kim called it off, and seemingly intends to go back to the previous status quo. There is no sign that any talks or anything are coming, though South Korea has pushed that idea.

The propaganda leaflets have often been a source of border tension in Korea, but hadn’t really been an issue amid recent years of diplomacy. With no progress made in months, the situation has rapidly gone back to the tense, bad-old-days on the Korean Peninsula.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is senior editor of