US Airstrikes Destroy ISIS ‘Summer Camp’ in Northern Iraq

Officials say strike left ISIS 'dazed and disillusioned'

With US officials still trying to present their military operations in Iraq as being anti-ISIS in nature, a series of US airstrikes were reported Friday to have targeted an ISIS “summer camp” in rural Kirkuk. Several sites were hit, though the casualty reports are unclear.

Iraq was in the course of operations against ISIS in the area, according to US reports, and the camp itself wasn’t readily accessible by ground vehicles, which is why the US launched strikes against the camp.

What was destroyed is unclear, but US officials say ISIS is ‘dazed and disillusioned’ by the strike, suggesting that what remains of ISIS is on its heels and that more attacks are needed to continue ‘relentless pressure.’

It’s not certain it means anything else, but expect the US to play up this attack during upcoming US-Iraq talks on continued US military presence, as many in Iraq, particularly in parliament, see little reason for the US to still be in Iraq with ISIS all but wiped out.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of